We offer comprehensive range of Machinery, Industrial Moulds, Motorcycle Spare Parts, Hydraulic Mobile Crane, Hydraulic & Mechanical Presses, Forging Equipments, Custom Made-Parts since 1974.

We are not only export all kind of industrial equipments, but also provide services, which include free consultancy of solutions, customized design and manufacture, on-site installation and training program.


Our customers often just know they have issues, but they do not know applicable solutions. ItíŽs our obligation to provide our free consultancy to you through phone, e-mail and/or fax. In some complicated situation, we may require on-site surveying for thorough comprehension, and you bear only transportation, food and Hotel expenses.

One of our clients owns a scissors manufactory for many years; and the owner desire to increase their production volume by update their production line. Unfortunately, they do not have experience and knowledge in those related equipments, i.e. hot forging machines and molds, furbishing machines, etc. We then provide them projection of production line, installation, commissioning of all machinery, training program, and demonstration of production plan. To see is to believe. The owners finally have full confidence in his capital investment with a huge turnover from our proposed projection.

Customized design, manufacture and delivery

Most of Industrial Hydraulic Cylinders required professional judgment to fit your special needs. The customized design usually is come from your engineering requirements, e.g. working pressure, functional design and finance budget, which also linked with your personal preference in selecting your own brand of parts and/or components.

One of clients in Mid-East, who used our customized Hydraulic cylinders in their construction work. He merely sent his basic requirements, pressure demand, and sizes; and entrust us for free customized design drawing to them for confirmation before order. This is one of exemplary case of our customized design, manufacture and delivery services.


We possessed German-made quality, Chinese-made competitive prices, and professional English, with over 40 years industrial engineering knowledge and reliable credit.

Quality : We persuade accuracy limits strictly as required by our clients.

Pricing : We believe our prices are very competitive with our qualified Industrial manufacturing equipments. Should you have any cheaper price with same specification, identical parts, and regular manufacturing process against our offer, please do let us know. We shall be obliged to reconcile our offer to match your target price.

Communication : English is the only language in our Group of companies; and there shall never be any communication risk to do the business with us.

Credit : We are in this field over 40 years; which we consider It is one of the most important assets of our company. We maintain our commitment and warranty once promised. There should be no risk at all to do the business with us

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